Grail Watch was created to makes dream watches real.

Today there is a stigma associated with limited editions watches as facile or opportunistic. With Grail Watch, we want our limited editions to be the most ambitious, imaginative and coolest timepieces around.

Watches that unveil some unique aspect of a brand’s heritage or push their designs to the edge. Watches that result from the most stellar collaborations. In other words, watches we’ve all dreamed about but that have never existed… until now.

Grail Watch focuses on Independent Watchmakers
We want to shine a spotlight on the best independent brands, micro-brands and artisans. These are the most exciting and creative types of watchmakers out there, and Grail Watch was created to champion them and communicate their unique appeal to the world. 

Fair and Equitable Distribution of Watches
Our mission is not only to create the coolest and most desirable limited edition watches, but also to give the public access to them in the most fair, fun and democratic way.

This will included launches that correspond to realistic times in every part of the world.

We will also initiate a “Search for the Grail” urban treasure hunt in selected cities, dropping clues on social media to the location of our pop-ups where your “Grails” await.

An Ethical Initiative
Every other year we will host our charity auction, The Pink Dial Project. In 2021, we raised over half a million dollars to benefit Breast Cancer research, prevention and cure through the UICC.

Through the Pink Dial Project, we invite the world’s best brands and independent watchmakers to create one of kind unique watches featuring the color pink — the symbol of breast cancer solidarity – in some unique way. One hundred percent of the proceeds from this auction will be donated to recognized breast cancer charities around the world through the UICC.

Beginning in 2023, we will also create limited editions in support of the Pink Dial Project.