Video: The True Story Behind the 40mm De Bethune DB25 Perpetual Calendar That Became Grail Watch 6

In 2022, when De Bethune relaunched their incredible DB25 Perpetual Calendar in an all-new case size of 40mm, collectors sat up and took notice as it made an already thoughtfully-designed grand complication watch even more well-proportioned for the wrist. Wei and Jeremiah discuss the genesis of this sea change in the DB25 Perpetual Calendar's case dimensions that reflects the close relationship a brand can have with its most ardent supporters. Grail Watch 6 was borne out of this very relationship.

The standard 40mm DB25 Perpetual Calendar was put into production as a way to amortize the cost of the Grail Watch 6 project which we are calling "Rhapsody in Blue". From the navy blue hand-guilloché dial showcasing the brand's spherical moonphase to the various blued titanium components that constitute the technically brilliant caliber DB2324V2, this very special watch is a poetic expression of what makes De Bethune one of the greatest independent watchmakers of the modern era.

Grail Watch 6: De Bethune DB25 Perpetual Calendar "Rhapsody in Blue" is a limited edition of five pieces priced at CHF130,000 each and has been fully committed. Due to the extremely limited nature of De Bethune's annual production, we are unable to offer Grail Watch 6 in a more accessible edition but there are more Grail Watches coming through the pipeline so stay tuned!