Video: Upclose With Gautier Massonneau, Trilobe

In a recent visit to Trilobe's headquarters in Paris, Wei sat down with Founder and CEO, Gautier Massonneau to talk about his extraordinary vision for creating his own watch brand and how Grail Watch 3 came to be. In a few short years since 2018, Trilobe has made an indelible mark on watchmaking by re-envisioning time displayed on a watch. We are incredibly honored to collaborate on the brand's most creative vision yet, the transcendent Une Folle Journée for Grail Watch 3, which we are calling Une Folle Soirée "Wild Night" after its unique luminous signature.

Grail Watch 3: Une Folle Soirée "Wild Night" will be made in only 25 pieces and cost EUR22,000 each. Launching on 19 December 2022, 10pm SGT | 3pm CET | 9am EST. Don't forget to mark your calendars!