What is Grail Watch?

Grail Watch was created to makes dream watches real.
Today, there is a stigma associated with limited edition watches as facile or opportunistic. With Grail Watch, we want our limited editions to be the most ambitious, imaginative and coolest timepieces around. Watches that unveil some unique aspect of a brand’s heritage, or push their designs to the edge. Watches that result from the most stellar collaborations. In other words, watches we’ve all dreamed about but that have never existed… until now.

Grail Watch 4

Bell & Ross x Alain Silberstein BLACK CERAMIC TRILOGY

Celebrating Independent Watchmaking

We shine a spotlight on the best independent brands, micro-brands and artisans. These are the most exciting and creative types of watchmakers out there, and Grail Watch was created to champion them and communicate their unique appeal to the world. 

grail watch 4

bell & ross x alain silberstein black ceramic trilogy

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Wei and Jeremiah Unbox Grail Watch 4: Bell & Ross x Alain Silberstein Black Ceramic Trilogy

Wei and Jeremiah discuss the first ever collaboration between two watch industry icons, Bell & Ross and Alain Silberstein.

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Talking Grail Watch 4 with Carlos Rosillo from Bell & Ross and Alain Silberstein

Wei paid a visit to Bell & Ross' headquarters in Paris to meet with CEO Carlos Rosillo and Grail Watch's artist-in-residence, Alain Silberstein to unbox Grail Watch 4 for the first time!

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For Grail Watch 4, Alain Silberstein turns a dream into reality and takes the Bell & Ross square-cased watch into his world of whimsical geometric forms and primary colors.

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Grail Watch 4: Bell & Ross x Alain Silberstein Black Ceramic Trilogy "Krono 22"