Video: Grail Watch 9.1: Moritz Grossmann × Kari Voutilainen Benu 37 Stainless Steel “German Silver” | Revo Talks

Our latest Grail Watch sees us return to Germany’s watchmaking heartland, Glashütte, and the expert watchmakers at Moritz Grossmann. The moniker for this elegant watch comes from the dial, which is made from the durable alloy of copper, nickel, and zinc known as maillechort, or German Silver in English.

German Silver is remarkable in that it will softly patina over time, meaning that each of the 20 pieces, which began life as identical watches, will evolve with you into pièces unique, thanks to the soft honey patina of aged maillechort. The material isn’t the only thing that makes these dials remarkable. They’ve been crafted on vintage rose engine machines at Kari Voutilainen’s dial factory, Comblémine.

To complement the dials, the manually winding caliber of this watch boasts a soft frosted finish, hand bevels and hand-engraved details. While the earlier ‘Silver Bullet’ was cased in white gold, this ‘German Silver’ model features a hardy stainless steel. The Benu model was first launched in 2010 and, with its in-house movement, is a foundational watch for the Mortiz Grossmann of today.

Priced at USD 35,300, this exceptional timepiece is produced in a very limited run of 20 pieces. It’s available for purchase immediately here. For any inquries, email