Video: The Gift from the Universe | In Conversation with Ludovic Ballouard

Wei is in conversation with Ludovic Ballouard to talk about Grail Watch 10: Ludovic Ballouard Et Fils Upside Down ‘Series Gaga’ that holds special significance as it serves as a tribute to Ludovic's son, Gabriel, the gift from the universe as mentioned by the esteemed watchmaker.

Ludovic's philosophy of time is beautifully captured in the design of the Upside Down watch, reminding us of the importance of embracing the present moment. The watch's unique feature lies in its presentation of both past and future times, which is deliberately displayed upside down.

This unconventional approach encourages us to let go of any regrets about the past, as it cannot be changed, and to approach the future with a sense of openness, as it remains unknown. By challenging traditional notions of time, Ludovic Ballouard's creation invites us to appreciate the value of living in the now and embracing the uncertainties that lie ahead.