Video: We Collaborate with Franck Muller for the Very First Time for Grail Watch 2

Grail Watch moves on to Chapter 2 of our ambitious project to bring to life the most extraordinary watches that can be considered grail-worthy. Chapter 2 is called ‘Revival of Past Icons’ and we are extremely privileged to be collaborating with Franck Muller for the very first time to bring back three iconic chronographs from an early part of the brand’s history. 

Wei and Jeremiah discuss how Franck Muller, the Master of Complications and creative genius, was inspired in the 1990s to create some of his best-looking and most technically brilliant chronographs ever. They also explore the genesis of the project with the brand and how these can be considered superlative recreations of the original watches.  

We are proud to present the Franck Muller 30th Anniversary ’Tribute’ Chronographs!